Modern Kitchen Design is not Only for Cooking

The house – and specially the kitchen is the focus of numerous factors affecting our lives with recent recessionary mayhem and insecurity, sometimes our kitchen interior design would be the only places to refuge, comfort and ease! Whether planning an entire kitchen refit, or simply buying new kitchen accessories, it is always important to understand current trends.

The distinction in between living and kitchen interior design has become less defined because more furniture and soft kitchen furnishings is appearing your kitchen, making it a brand new home comfort area. The use of surfaces is increasingly given to decoration and customization. Also there is really a trend towards bigger, open plan residing spaces where everybody can get collectively.

Finishes and colors which don’t match, fit overall themes are now being used more. Various finishes, textures and ornaments can include sophistication. Individual art work, wall clocks, mirrors and items associated with the living room previously, all add towards the feeling that the first is really in a full time social area, not only for cooking.